Tuesday, May 31, 2011

American Idol

Well, another year has come and gone with American Idol.

We saw two new judges, one that added very good insight (along with a lot of beauty) and another that added no insight, but a lot of wit and charm.

I was always amused at listening to people that said the show was in trouble with Simon leaving. It is easy for me to say now, in retrospect, but I just didn’t get it. Were people really that impressed by Simon, but further, did they tune in primarily to see what the judges said? Why watch the show, then? First and foremost it is a singing contest.

But further, Simon duped people into thinking he was better than he was. People made him the authority and that mindset seemed to influence others into believing he was brilliant in evaluation performers.

He is a talent scout; not a musician. He is good (not great) at recognizing talent. But hey, how good, could he have been if he originally said no to Chris Daughtry going on to Hollywood?

AI will endure for a long long time. It does not matter who the judges are.